Star Wars Rebels Inspired 2 Colored Ahsoka Tano Minimalist Decal Sticker

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made to order. please allow 1-3 business day
  • decal application squeegee
  • decal application squeegee

This is a two colored version of my popular single colored Ahsoka Tano from Rebels decal. It can be found HERE.

This decal is white and blue. My decals are not printed. So the colors are of the actual material themselves. It is essentially 2 separate decals that I create and assemble to create a single multi-colored decal.

Sizing is based on the longest dimension. In this case the height. the 5" options for example would be 5in tall by ~2.6" wide. The 6" would be 6" tall by ~3" wide , 7" would be 7" tall by ~3.6" tall and so on.

All my decals are die cut to order by me and made from high quality American made calandered vinyl. This vinyl has an outdoor life of 5-6 years. The colors are of the actual material itself.

Color may vary slightly from images. This decal is 2 color. The negative space will be the color of the surface it is adhered to. Please keep that in mind when picking your color.

Listing images are for reference only and are not an indicator of actual size.

For custom work, please feel free to send us a message through our contact form. I would be glad to work out something special for you.