Overlays and Wraps

Here you will find our Subaru Impreza badge overlays. The design is cut from the top layer of material so the stars show the color from the bottom layer color.

We also have here center wheel cap overlays, headlight eyelids, tail light eyelids, raw material for various interior and exterior parts of the Subaru Impreza. All fitment and design for the Impreza parts are done on a 2016 Impreza Sport. As the customer, you are responsible for knowing if these die cut parts will fit your car or not. A Sticky Obsession is not responsible for any material purchased that doesn't fit. All sales are final.

Raw material for DIY wrapping and overlays for vehicles, home items and pretty much anything else. Only limited to your imagination and skill set.

***Some of the items in this category have varying levels of difficulty. Some require some disassembly of the car to be applied. If you feel your skill set is not up to the task, please seek out a professional installer. All DIY material sets and raw materials will require cutting to fit. All sales are final***