Dont be a Jackass Custom Face Mask

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Here we have our custom "Don't be a Jackass, WEAR A MASK" donkey wanted poster face mask.

These masks are 2 ply material with a filter pocket. The outer layer is polyester and the inner layer is cotton. 

The mask area is approximately 7" wide x 4.75" tall. This is the mask area only. There may be some slight variations from mask to mask due to manufacturing tolerances. 

Each mask includes a piece to optionally adjust the ear loops. PM2.5 filters are available HERE


The provided image in the listing is for representation purposes. Due to differences in computer monitor resolution settings and the nature of the material, the colors on the screen may vary from the actual product. Note each item is handmade at the time of order and placement of design may vary slightly.


Face Mask care: The Mask is washable and reusable. The mask should be washed before wearing the first time and after each use. Machine wash and line dry.

The optional add on filter is one time use and is not washable.

The Mask is not a replacement for medical grade protective equipment. If you need that type of equipment please consult a healthcare professional.

Please follow CDC recommendations for mask use HERE and other measures to reduce spread of infectious diseases.